Flat and Low Pitched Roofing Specialist
Hi, I'm Kevin Miller, a Conklin Master Contractor. Do you have a flat or low pitched roof that is leaking? Call us today for a free estimate! We use the superior products produced by Conklin. Conklin's spray-on-acryllics are second to none in durability, longevity and dirt resistance.
Choose from a variety of Systems including our Ply system, Metal Roofing Systems, Spray-In-Place foam systems.
  • Our ply system is for over smooth surfaces (EPDM, ModBit, Tar Paper, single ply CPA's, etc) where additional insualation is not required.
  • Choose our spray-in-place foam system for over any surface where additonal insulation is needed and also for over cleaned off gravel decks, BUR, Metal Roofing, etc.
  • Our Metal Roofing System is a great way to rejuvenate that old metal on your building. The process includes acid etching to stop rust, an industrial rusty metal primer, and a top coat in the color of your choice.